Should I Lease or Buy?

The Difference Between Leasing and Financing

The purchase of a new vehicle involves several decisions that must be made even after finding the model that suits us. Choosing between leasing and financing is certainly one of those decisions, and it’s not an easy one. At Vaudreuil Honda, we can help you make the right choice.

The first step is understanding the benefits of each option. Our dedicated financing services specialists will be able to help you with that. That said, here’s a quick summary of each option and its benefits.

Benefits of Financing

  • The vehicle belongs to us
  • Ideal for those who want to keep their car for a long time
  • You will save in the long run
  • There are no mileage restrictions
  • Maintenance and servicing become an investment

Advantages of Leasing

  • More affordable monthly payment
  • No deposit or very little
  • The manufacturer's warranty is effective throughout the lease in most cases, thus reducing the cost of repairs
  • You can easily change every two or three years
  • Tax benefits if we use our vehicle for work

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The Difference Between Leasing and Financing